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Build, customize and launch your campaigns in minutes, with 100% data coverage (no internet required).

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Core Features

Easy To Use You can easily use our system without any expertise.
Quick Setup Your survey is ready in only a few minutes.
Unlimited Data Collection You are able to create unlimited surveys and gather unlimited responses.
Works without Internet When offline, our app stores your data until the device is reconnected
Available for iOS & Android Collect survey responses with iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
Manage Surveys Remotely Collect data through devices located anywhere in the world
Secure Usersfeed guarantees the security of your data
Scalable Use as many devices as you want and see data in a single page.

Creating and Designing Surveys

Over 15 Question Types Use more than 15 types of questions to create an amazing survey.
White Label You can rebrand our web and mobile apps directly from your panel.
Display Logic Choose which question(s) to show based on the previous answers.
Branding & Personalization Customize your survey by adding your own logo and background image.
Professional Templates Use our question bank to save time and get ideas for questions and templates.
Language Support Create surveys in any language you need

Mobile Forms

Efficient Interface Users are able to complete the same survey over and over again.
Comprehensive Review Review and modify all answers easily before submitting.
Capture Photos - Gather Reviews Take a photo with any camera-equipped tablet or phone.

Face to Face and Kiosk Surveys

Intuitive Interface Make an easy to be completed survey by your customers.
Engaging Experience Make data collection a fun experience for your customers.
Turn Tablets into Kiosks Transform your tablet into an interactive data collection kiosk.
Auto-Reply Email Send a pre-configured email upon completion of the survey.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-Time Survey Results Analyse survey responses as soon as they are collected.
Multiple Download Formats View and download survey data in a number of popular file formats.
Professional Management Reports Generate reports of your survey results and share them with others.
NPS & Satisfaction Reports Report on-going satisfaction to measure the happiness of your customers.
Monitor Users Track users in real-time and monitor their progress by the hour, week or month.
Send Email Notifications Send an alert by email when a survey response meets a specific set of conditions.
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