How to Get Responses?

You are all set with your survey and now you are ready to start receiving responses. What is the best tool to interact with your respondents?

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Is it better to send it in an email, embed it in a website or to use it in a kiosk or a mobile device?

We’ve got lots of ways to get responses. Here are a few:

Web Link Create a custom URL for your survey, then get responses by emailing the link through your own email client, or by posting the link on your website.
Social Media If you have a Twitter account, you can publicly tweet a link to your survey. On Facebook, you can post a survey on your wall and on your friends’ walls.
Hardware Solutions Gather feedback from your customers on-site, in real time, using iOS and Android devices
QR Codes Print QR codes on packages, stickers, table tents, hangers or visuals and gather data from your customers.

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